Hot Pockets
Thanks to Snoop Dogg's promotional deal with Hot Pockets, every VMA performer and host will receive a box of the microwavable meal after tonight's MTV Video Music Awards. Youtube

MTV's Video Music Awards are upon us, and stars like Rihanna and Green Day are preparing to take the stage on Thursday night. Behind the scenes, however, people are gearing up in a different way, by preparing gift bags for the stars, giving away iPods, designer goods, and Hot Pockets.

Yes, MTV will be giving all of their VMAs guest a package of the cheap frozen foodstuff, Hot Pockets.

Buzzfeed took a look at the swag bags being given out to celebrities at the VMAs tonight and found that while there are some pretty standard luxury items in them, MTV is also giving all of their attendees a box of pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets.

The gift bags, created by Backstage Creations, come with hats, ties and plenty of other goodies alongside the microwavable meal. But if it's not just that MTV is full of misers too afraid to give away the good stuff, why are the VMAs performers receiving Hot Pockets at all?

According to Karen Wood, the designer for the bags, "Hot Pockets actually has a great brand ambassador, Snoop [Dogg/Lion], and has downloaded all of Snoop's songs onto an iPod, which will be given to each of the VMAs presenters and performers."

So there you have it. Snoop Dogg is the reason Green Day and plenty of other celebrities will be burdened with Hot Pockets at the VMAs. Still, you've got to admit that the cheap munchies fit pretty well with Snoop Dogg's stoner image.

So think about this. When Rihanna and Drake get off the VMAs stage tonight, they're not going to their dressing rooms and popping $1,000 bottles of champagne. They'll be heating up Hot Pockets in their tiny microwaves just like the rest of America watching MTV at home, crying into their frozen meals.

Okay, so Rihanna and Chris Brown and the rest probably won't actually be doing that after the VMAs, but it's fun to dream, right?

Watch the Hot Pocket explanation below.