Over 270 celebrities were approached to appear in a White House public service announcement about the coronavirus, but the vast majority never responded to the pitch, Politico reported.

The report was handed over to the House Oversight Committee. The ad campaign requested to use $300 million in the Centers for Disease Control funding, which sparked an investigation from the committee. 

The project was overseen by the Health and Human Services department, which hired outside contractors to recruit celebrities and question if they would be a good fit for the project.

The ad campaign is no longer expected to run before the election. 

The document includes A-list celebrities mostly from the movie and music industries, many of whom have been critical of President Donald Trump, such as Johnny Depp, Billie Elish and Jennifer Lopez.

The document includes notes about almost every celebrity on the list, including background on their political allegiances and whether they have said anything negative about Trump.

The note next to singer Billie Eilish's name on the list details how she "made a political statement on gun control in 2019" and said Trump "is destroying our country and everything we care about." 

In some cases, the notes included background on celebrities' criminal histories. Jay-Z was listed as being potentially interested in appearing in the ads, but the list noted that he was "arrested for assault and...sentenced to three years probation." 

In another column next to each celebrity's name is information on the appeal of the celebrity to parts of the populace. For example, rapper Cardi B is listed as appealing to Black Americans and the general population. 

The only two celebrities seen as committing to the project on the document are actor Dennis Quaid and singer Marc Anthony.

However, "before agreeing to participate, singer Marc Anthony sought an amendment to his contract to ensure that his content would not be used for advertisements to re-elect President Trump."

It's also noted that gospel singer CeCe Winans planned to participate in the ad as well. Quaid and Winans dropped out of the project last month, following Politico's initial report on the project. Winans and Quaid said that their initial interest was not meant to be political.

Comedian George Lopez was also committed to the campaign and was supposed to appear in an ad with Dr. Anthony Fauci.

However, Lopez was crossed off the list "due to previous concerns regarding his [Lopez's] comments regarding the president."

A few celebrities are listed as being potentially interested in working on the project, including John Krasinski, and Morgan Freeman, as well as Alec Baldwin, who often portrays Trump on "Saturday Night Live."

Several celebrities are listed as having declined the project, including Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, Mark Wahlberg, and Britney Spears. The vast majority are listed as awaiting for a response.