Burger King UK has come under fire for a sexist tweet it made on International Women’s Day despite its attempt to support more women.

The tweet, which read, “Women belong in the kitchen,” took many by surprise as the burger chain, which has been known for inclusivity, seemed to jump back in time with a misogynist reference that caused many to criticize the company.

But Burger King UK was quick to defend its tweet by explaining that it was launching a new scholarship program for female Burger King employees to help them “pursue their culinary dreams.”

In a follow-up tweet, Burger King said that it was “on a mission to change the gender ratio in the restaurant industry by empowering female employees with the opportunity to pursue a culinary career.”

The restaurant chain also hashtaged #IWD, showing that the tweet was intentionally planned for International Women’s Day.

But Twitter called for Burger King to be canceled for the insensitivity of the tweet.

Others ripped on the quality of Burger King’s quality, saying it “belonged in the trash can.”

Others suggested that the anti-women tweet be deleted now.

Burger King has been called out in the past for its questionable marketing maneuvers. In a previous campaign, the company showed that its Whoppers used all-natural ingredients and let the burger mold on camera to prove it. The decaying Whopper turned some stomachs and got people talking, which may have been the aim of the campaign from the start.

In another marketing promotion, Burger King announced that it wanted its customers to visit its competitors to keep the restaurant industry alive. The move was applauded as the restaurant was given the nod for showing support to rivals during the pandemic that may be struggling to garner customers.

Other campaigns from Burger King ranged from the strange to the absurd as the company has showcased a burger that was worse than the COVID pandemic, featuring Jell-O, chicken’s foot, fish head, and other disgusting ingredients. The burger was a gimmick and not sold by the chain.

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