Cartoon Network is the talk of social media after posting an anti-racism video earlier in December featuring "Steven Universe" characters.

The network has been receiving praise and thanks from many social media users after posting this public service announcement. Many have just started seeing it circling social media, even though it was released a week ago.

The anti-racism PSAs, which started releasing in October, that were developed by Rebecca Sugar, the creator of "Steven Universe," and “O.K. KO! Let’s Be Heroes” creator Ian Jones-Quartey, according to the Los Angeles Times. This one focuses on Pearl, a white teacher, who debunks textbooks.

“Black investors and leaders are often left out of history. Ask yourself as you’re learning...who is the focus? Question the story,” the caption stated.


Black inventors and leaders are often left out of history. Ask yourself as you're learning... who is the focus? Question the story  ✊🏿✊🏼✊🏾✊✊🏻✊🏽💖

♬ Tell The Whole Story - Cartoon Network

The video went on to explain that many textbooks only focus on the success and accomplishments of white individuals, which leaves out all of the success and accomplishments of those in the black community.

There are over 30k tweets about Cartoon Network that caused it to trend on Wednesday, of people sharing their opinions on the PSA.

Some have complained about the video and they shared their opinions as well.

Cartoon Network is known to have many different PSAs on various subjects like hand washing, staying in touch with friends, how to tread water and more.

Viewers can watch this PSA, as well as the other one in the series on Cartoon Network's YouTube channel as well as on their TikTok page. The shorts are also available on, where resources can be found to help families discuss racism.

Steven Universe
Cartoon Network's "Steven Universe" ended in 2020 but is still releasing anti-racism PSAs. Cartoon Network/WarnerMedia