Disney has released the trailer for its “Cruella” live-action film starring Emma Stone and social media is now calling her “Disney’s Joker” after watching it. 

The film follows a young Cruella de Vil (Stone) from "101 Dalmatians" fame set in 1970s London. It focuses on how she got into the world of fashion design and her rise to becoming the villain she is today. 

When the trailer dropped, just a day after the poster, many viewers shared their opinions on whether they were into it or not, as well as finding uncanny resemblances between Cruella and DC Comics' Joker. On Twitter, the phrase "Disney's Joker" trended Wednesday in connection to the footage.

Everything from their physical transformations, their rise to evil, some madness in the way they think and speak, as well as both being period pieces, there are many similarities between "Cruella" and 2019's "Joker," Thrillist reported

Even Perez Hilton is into it. 

Along with the Joker comparison, Disney fans on Twitter have been comparing Stone's Cruella to “Maleficent,” another villain-focused Disney movie. Maleficent's 2014 film made her out to be misunderstood and tried to get viewers to sympathize with her throughout the entirety of her story.

Twitter users have already stated that they hope the same plot isn’t used to justify Cruella becoming a puppy murderer for the sake of fashion. 

"Cruella" is directed by Australian filmmaker Craig Gillespie and written by Dana Fox and Tony McNamara.

The film has a release date of May 28. 

Cruella Emma Stone Emma Stone (center) plays Cruella de Vil in the new live-action Disney movie. Photo: Disney