Camila Cabello
Camila Cabello is reportedly already working on her first solo album. Pictured: Cabello performs onstage during KISS 108’s Jingle Ball 2013 at TD Garden on Dec. 14, 2013 in Boston. Getty Images/Mike Coppola

Camila Cabello has opened up about one of the things she disliked about being with Fifth Harmony.

In Lena Dunham’s podcast, the singer said she understands that sex sells, but she was not in favor of how they were overly sexualized in order to sell records. “Especially with being a girl group, there’s been a lot of times where people have tried to sexualize us to just get more attention,” Cabello said. “Unfortunately, sex sells. There’s definitely been times where there’s stuff that I have not been comfortable with and I’ve had to put my food down.”

The singer said that it wasn’t particularly easy to stand firm with her convictions because they do have lots of songs that have sexual undertones. Despite that, Cabello maintained that she believes “there’s nothing wrong with showing sexuality.” She added that women just need to speak up when something makes them feel uncomfortable.

While Cabello has not shared the reason behind her departure, there have been many rumors as to why she decided to quit the group.

As early as 2015, Cabello said she does not see herself being with the group for a long time. Speaking with Latina magazine, the singer said: “We’d be lying if we all said this is a picture-perfect thing, like we all completely agreed on the album track list and what the sound and the music video treatment would be like, which usually happens in bands who grew up together.”

Cabello continued: “But for manufactured bands, it’s harder. The cool part is that we allow one another to do our own thing within this thing. I think it’s healthy because if not, personally, I would go insane.”

Cabello’s exit was announced by the group via Twitter. “After four and a half years of being together, we have been informed via her representatives that Camila has decided to leave Fifth Harmony,” the group said.

Cabello is now reportedly working on her first solo record.