British fashionista Marina Joyce sent Twitter into a tizzy Wednesday after she canceled her highly anticipated meet up. Thousands of fans were worried about the fashion vlogger after they said they heard the words “save me” in one of her videos. Even though the police checked on Joyce, there are many who tweeted she still might be in danger. Where some wrote she is being held hostage by a kidnapper or abusive boyfriend, others wrote that she might be on drugs.

She sent the following cryptic tweet to her 335,000 followers: “Hey guys because of recent events, not doing the meet up Wednesday ~ but I'm going to the meet on the 6th Saturday instead so meet me there!” she wrote. The post was liked more than 10,000 times and shared over 3,000 times after being online for less than an hour.

One Twitter user who said he is friends with Joyce said that she is not in danger, despite the mass hysteria. “I have just spoken with Marina Joyce,” fellow YouTuber Daz Black wrote Tuesday. “Do not worry guys she is not in any danger and I'm even meeting up with her to collab and chat. :)” He has more than 137,000 followers and is verified on Twitter— unlike Joyce.

He briefly confused fans when he told them not to go to her meet up. “Stay well clear and do not got to this meet up. Let police handle this,” he wrote. Black later amended his statement, saying: “After a long night of worry it does appear she is in fact okay and safe. I've been told police have seen her and she’s well.”

Local police checked on Joyce’s well-being after they received multiple calls from concerned fans. They even took to Twitter to alert the YouTuber’s concerned fans. “Officers have visited YouTube user Marina Joyce,” authorities wrote Tuesday. “She is safe and well.” The post was even completed with the viral hashtag #savemarinajoyce.

Joyce has also used the hashtag and claimed that she was fine and not being kept hostage. Since the rumors went viral, there have been various social media accounts dedicated to “saving” Joyce, even though she doesn’t need saving.

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