A new episode of “Criminal Minds,” “Blindspot” and “Chicago P.D.” will air on Nov. 9. David Giesbrecht/Warner Bros/NBC

Viewers who were enthusiastically looking forward to a new episode of NBC’s “Blindspot,” CBS’ “Criminal Minds” and NBC’s “Chicago P.D.” were saddened to see repeats of their favorite shows. Even TV’s most watched drama, “NCIS,” didn’t air a new episode on Tuesday.

Why? Because of the World Series. Fox’s widely watched baseball game served up Game 7 and left those who don’t watch it a little upset. NBC scraped its new episodes of “Chicago P.D.” and “Blindspot” in favor or airing two repeat episodes of “Law & Order: SVU” and a repeat of “Chicago P.D.” Season 4 episode “Made A Wrong Turn.”

Although CBS scarped airing a new episode of “Criminal Minds,” it did premiere new episodes of “Survivor” and “Code Black.” In the crime series’ 9 p.m. slot, CBS chose to air a repeat of the show – an episode titled “Target Rich.”

Fox’s baseball game has, so far, drawn more than 20 million viewers, reports TVLine. In fact, it is predicted that the World Series will draw an audience of over 30 million. Hence, it makes sense for the networks to pull the plug on some of their shows since ratings are sure to suffer on days the game is broadcasted on TV.

However, this spells bad news for fans of the series who will have to wait two weeks to watch new episodes of their favorite TV shows.

Nevertheless, Wednesday night’s game proved to be a fun and entertainment watch that kept many baseball fans on the edge of their seats. Game 7 created history when the Chicago Cubs beat the Cleveland Indians. The score was 8-7. The Chicago Cubs won their first championship since 1908. It was a historic moment for Chicago Cubs and its fans.

“Criminal Minds,” “Blindspot” and “Chicago P.D.” will return with new episodes on Wednesday, Nov. 9.