Adam Scott as Max, Craig Robinson as Leroy
“Ghosted” Season 1, episode 5 is not airing on Fox tonight to give way to Game 5 of the World Series. Fox/Ray Mickshaw

Max and Leroy aren’t investigating anything paranormal on Fox tonight, as “Ghosted” Season 1, episode 5 is not airing this week to give way to Game 5 of the World Series. The new episode will instead air next Sunday, Nov. 5 at 8:30 p.m. EDT.

In the episode, Max (Adam Scott) and Leroy (Craig Robinson) go undercover to investigate a bizarre incident at an elite country club. But as expected, things don’t go as planned. According to the synopsis for the installment, Max and Leroy get a little too invested in their covers and find themselves at odds with each other. Also, Annie (Ally Walker) accompanies them on the mission, as she frequented many country clubs in her youth.

Guest starring in the episode are Sam McMurray (“The King of Queens”) as Campbell McMasters, Harry Groener (“Buffy the Vampire Slayer”) as Stafford Yates, Ali Ghandour (“Teenage Mountain Lion) as Ricky, and Mo Collins (“MADtv”) as Monica Yates.

This isn’t the first time Max and Leroy has gone undercover. To search for the culprit behind a string of murders in Season 1, episode 3, Max and Leroy disguised themselves as Mitch Bachelor and Tito, respectively. The initial suspect for the killings was Keith (Seth Morris), a surgeon-turned-photographer. So in an attempt to know more about Keith, Max and Leroy hired him for a made-up bachelor party photo shoot. But when Max and Leroy’s true motive became obvious, Keith wrapped up the photo shoot abruptly.

Later in the episode, Max and Leroy’s investigation took an unexpected turn when Keith was found dead. But after visiting Keith’s dark room, Max realized that the real murderer was none other than Natalie (Megalyn Echikunwoke), a succubus who pretended to be a cop tasked to investigate the series of murders.

Meanwhile, although “Ghosted” is doing no better in the same-day ratings this fall than its predecessor “Son of Zorn” did over the first month of last season, TV By The Numbers reported that the new show has a better chance of getting renewed for Season 2. That’s partly because where “Son of Zorn” had a post-NFL showcase before the official start of the season last year, “Ghosted” got no such extra help. Yet its numbers are just about the same.