“Pose” Season 2 is taking a week to prep for the next ball. The FX drama won’t air a new episode this week, but it won’t be delayed for long.

FX put “Pose” on a one-week hiatus due to the holiday. Feel free to attend your Independence Day parties without worrying about missing an episode. “The Amazing Spider-Man” will air in its place. Season 2, episode 4 will air on Tuesday, July 9.

When it returns, it sounds like it’ll be a sad episode. “The Ballroom community is shaken to its core when a valued member is brutally attacked,” the synopsis reads.

The trailer for the episode makes it look like Candy (Angelica Ross) is in trouble. She hasn’t been doing well at the balls lately, but her community notices when she suddenly goes missing. “No one in the whole world cares about her but us. She’s our sister,” Blanca (Mj Rodriguez) says.

Watch the “Pose” promo video below:

It looks like it’ll be an emotional episode, but it won’t be a short one. The episode will start at 10 p.m. EDT and end at 11:21 p.m. EDT.

“Pose” Season 2, episode 4 was written by Ryan Murphy and Janet Mock and Murphy also directed.

After this hiatus, fans can look forward to the rest of the season without interruption. New episodes will air every Tuesday until the season finishes on Aug. 20.

Those at World Pride in New York City on Sunday were lucky enough to get a dose of the “Pose” cast. Indya Moore and Dominique Jackson joined Rodriguez as Grand Marshals at the front of the parade while Billy Porter hosted the broadcast of it for ABC7.

Is Pose on tonight?
"Pose" Season 2, episode 4 will air next week on FX. Macall Polay/FX