Meghan Markle will always be held up against Kate Middleton no matter what she does.

A motherhood expert and life coach recently told Express that the Duchess of Sussex will always be compared to the Duchess of Cambridge when it comes to motherhood. The latter has three children and she is regarded as someone who is more experienced compared to Prince Harry’s wife.

“Poor Meghan will always be held up against her sister-in-law Kate, who is an experienced mum who appears to have a traditional way of rearing their children. Meghan is a modern mum who might try a few alternative ways of being a mother and perhaps some of us can learn from these new methods,” Carol Ann Rice said.

Markle and Middleton’s parenting style couldn’t be more different from each other as well. Prince William’s wife has a more traditional approach when it comes to raising Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are also very hands-on. They also share responsibilities with each other, and their busy schedules include sending and picking up their kids from school, attending school activities, and helping with homework.

Markle, on the other hand, wants to raise her son, Archie, as a private individual. This decision caused her to be scrutinized by the public. According to Rice, royal critics have been looking for imperfections and flaws, and they have been using it against Prince Harry’s wife.

Two days after Archie was born, Prince Harry and Markle introduced their son to the entire world. But the focus of the critics wasn’t on the newest addition to the royal family. Rather, they couldn’t help but comment on how much weight the “Suits” alum gained.

When Markle took Archie to Prince Harry’s charity polo match, she was once again slammed for carrying her son a little too protectively. The public claimed that Markle’s manner for holding her baby was wrong, but an expert said that it was actually correct.

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle
Pictured: Markle and Middleton after attending the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey on March 11, 2019 in London. Getty Images/Kirsty Wigglesworth