Meghan Markle’s social media photos are usually monochrome, and the reason for this has finally been revealed.

While speaking with The Sun, public relations guru Mark Borkowski said that the royal’s choice of social media filter says a lot about her. By releasing monochrome photos instead of colored ones, Markle and Prince Harry are trying to establish their biggest royal brand.

“It’s always about how they pinpoint their differences now and it separates their account from the competitor [Kate Middleton and Prince William] channel. They are beautiful pictures and they are very engaging and that says a lot about her brand,” he said.

The expert also said that the use of monochrome photos on social media is just another way for Prince Harry and Markle to separate themselves from Prince William and Middleton. Throughout the past couple of months, there have been rumors suggesting that the royal couples are feuding.

“There is a war going on here. It’s an impressive collection of photography, but one is building a brand and the other people are doing their royal duty,” he said.

In the past, Prince Harry and Markle also released a monochrome photo after their royal wedding. Another photo was released after their son’s christening and several other occasions.

Borkowski said that when royal fans and followers see monochrome photos on the Sussex Royal Instagram page, it is highly likely that they will have a conversation about the couple’s pictures. As such, releasing non-colored photos is one of the ways that Markle and Prince Harry are using to stand out.

“Any change of style on social media creates conversation and with Instagram, Meghan will always need to keep that channel on its toes and keep refreshing it… Having highly stylized black and white photography poses a number of questions - people will keep talking about it and that in turn will either encourage people who were bored with the page to revisit it, or it will encourage new followers,” he said.

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry
The Duchess of Sussex and the Duke of Sussex are pictured on May 19, 2018 in Windsor, England. Steve Parsons - WPA Pool/Getty Images