Prince Charles’s ex-wife, Princess Diana, felt like a sacrificial lamb during her marriage to the heir to the throne. But it was also revealed that the dad of two was also regarded as one during their union.

Royal author Andrew Morton said that Princess Diana was like a sacrificial lamb because Prince Charles found her – a virgin – and led her to the altar. But royal author Penny Junor said that Prince Charles was also in the same position.

In the book “The Firm,” Junor said that the Prince of Wales was born into the royal family as the heir, and he had to marry someone so that he could have an heir. Prince Charles didn’t have the luxury of choosing his partner or his career.

The royal author went on to say that Prince Charles wasn’t a very strong character, and he didn’t have the capacity to stand up for himself. As such, he allowed himself to be swept along into a hopeless marriage with Princess Diana. At the end of the day, he convinced himself that he was doing what was right out of duty.

“Charles had spent his life doing what was expected and required of him. That is the curse of his birthright. The upside is that he gets to live in beautiful palaces and castles surrounded by priceless treasures and genuflecting flunkies. The downside is that his life is not his own,” Junor said.

Years into the royal couple’s marriage, Prince Charles was utterly humiliated by Princess Diana after she questioned his fitness to be King and labeled him as a bad father to Prince William and Prince Harry. In the book “Diana: Her True Story,” Morton said that much of the things that the late royal said about her ex-husband weren’t true.

“People who were witnesses to the events remembered them in essence, but they had a twist to them which always put the prince in a bad light.  He was adamant, nevertheless, that there should be no retaliation and instructed his friends to say nothing… Charles has never publicly criticized Diana,” Morton said.