Prince Charles was dubbed as a dashing playboy during one of his royal tours with Queen Elizabeth II.

Matthew Kirkham, a journalist for Express, revealed that The New Yorker called Prince Charles a dashing playboy while he was in his 20s. When he and Princess Anne joined the Queen and Prince Philip on a royal tour of Australia, fans noticed Prince Charles’ “magic aura enchanted by fresh televisual memories of his investiture.”

Anthony Holden, a biography writer, said that the future King also stole the Queen’s spotlight on numerous occasions during the tour. In “Charles, the Prince of Wales,” Holden said that a dashing and eligible young prince upstaged his mom.

When they arrived in New Zealand, a thousand Maoris danced. According to Holden, the warm welcome was intended for Prince Charles and not Her Majesty. And when they Visited the University of Otago, Prince Charles once again captured the hearts of royal fans when he performed a square-dance in Auckland.

Holden said that Prince Charles’ constant upstaging was also extended to his dad Prince Philip. “Charles allowed a few unguarded words to stir up controversy,” he wrote. This is reportedly something that Prince Philip was oftentimes accused of doing.

When the Duke of York went surfing on St. Kilda beach near Melbourne, Prince Charles said that it felt as though he was swimming in diluted sewage. Holden said that this statement didn’t sit well with one local mayor who deserved that Prince Charles deserved a good thump under the ear.

In related news, Prince Charles once again stole the limelight recently after he posed for several photos to commemorate his 70th birthday on Nov. 14. Days later, the outtakes taken by Getty photographer Chris Jackson were released.

One of the snaps shows a doting Prince Charles carrying his youngest grandson Prince Louis. A second snap shows him playing with the adorable baby while being carried by Kate Middleton. Another picture shows Prince Charles laughing hysterically as Prince Louis tries to pinch his face.