Princess Diana’s revenge dress remains relevant after over two decades.

According to fashion news and features director Bethan Holt, in a piece she wrote for The Telegraph, this week is the 25th anniversary of the “ultimate modern example of revenge dressing.” She was referring to Princess Diana’s revenge dress when she attended the Serpentine Gallery’s summer party just hours after Prince Charles confessed his affair with Camilla Parker Bowles.

The Princess of Wales planned to wear a new designer gown but changed her mind. She stepped out in an LBD dress by Greek designer Christina Stambolian, which she initially described as “too risqué.” Princess Diana picked it because it was a “perfect statement of the freedom, confidence and sexiness she wanted to project.”

Princess Diana’s off-the-shoulder and above-the-knee look made it into the front pages the following day. One headline read: “The thrilla he left to woo Camilla.”

Holt added that many women today turn to Princess Diana as a source of inspiration. Her look that night in her revenge dress showed how strong she was.

Eloise Moran, a 27-year-old fashion writer, confessed that just like Princess Diana, she felt empowered whenever she looked after herself and dressed with more intentions. She added that she saw how Princess Diana’s style came into her own after her split from Prince Charles.

“I think Diana is an embodiment of the movement. She was truly a feminist, and had a reputation for being rebellious – but at the same time held herself with so much grace,” Moran said.

“She’s an icon for women and represents the power that comes from being ‘alone’. I can’t imagine a time when that idea would ever become out of date.”

After Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s split, the Princess of Wales’s fashion changed. Many noticed that she dressed in much simpler outfits. Mrinalini Bondyopadhyay also noticed how she got rid of all the “sugary, frilly and princess-y-proper.”

Princess Diana also adopted sleek silhouettes in strong colors, sported shorter hairstyle and wore dresses with shorter hemlines and bolder necklines.

Princess Diana
Princess Diana’s pecking order is very different from the royals and this affects the way she treats her staff. Pictured: Princess Diana at Aintree racecourse for the Grand National on April 3, 1982. Getty Images/Hulton Archive