Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, and Meghan, Duchess of Sussex are all members of Britain’s royal family, though, according to one expert, only two of the members are considered to be “equals.”

Speaking to Express in June 2018, Judi James, a body language expert, explained that Kate Middleton had more time to “manage her communications with the Queen” before her first solo outing with the monarch in 2012 following her marriage to Prince William. James continued by stating that the duo looked “like friends and almost equals.”

“Kate has always been a 'duck to water' in terms of her royal body language displays, and the fact that she had known William for years and had more access to role models for her new role emerged strongly in her non-verbal behaviour with the Queen,” James stated to the outlet at the time.

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While the Queen and Meghan appeared to get along well during their first solo trip to Chesire in 2018 following her wedding to Prince Harry, James noted to the outlet that the newfound Duchess appeared “less relaxed and lower status next to the Queen.”

“Meghan was thrown into the deep end when she married Harry with little or no royal experience,” James said. “Although she is clearly putting in an industrial-strength effort to develop her royal poise and body language the fact she is having to learn on the job seems to have created a very different balance between her and the Queen.”

James went on to slam Meghan’s body language by stating that she appeared “more like a grand-daughter-in-law than female friend.” As for Kate’s interaction with the royal during their solo outing, James said her signals appeared “more woman to woman.”

“At some moments she uses some pseudo-infantile re-motivational techniques to look cute and slightly vulnerable...” James said of Meghan. 

Despite her criticism of the Duchess at the time, James said it did appear as though Meghan was settling into life as a royal. When judging her appearance at Royal Ascot last June, she had this to say: “There are three clear body language signals that the training she has had is paying off.”