Queen Elizabeth II reportedly changed the order of precedence for private occasions in 2005. The move made Camilla Parker Bowles fourth after Her Majesty, Princess Anne, and Princess Alexandra.

On the online forum site Quora, royal fans shared their thoughts on why the Queen decided to change the order of precedence after Camilla tied the knot with Prince Charles. The couple wed in a civil ceremony.

Eileen Wood, a Republican since 1977, said that the move may have been because the Queen pitied Princess Anne.

“Because poor Princess Anne had spent years being pushed to the back behind wives. As a blood princess, she would have a higher standing, in private, than any family ‘add on.’ Each of the women listed is a blood princess – she was born a princess,” she said.

Wood also said that it’s only right to change the order of precedence in private when the female royals’ husbands are not around because that is where they derived their titles from.

Hninzi Lwin, a former pediatrician at the Greater Baltimore Medical Center 1, said that the order of precedence was changed because Camilla is not the mother of Prince Charles’ son, Prince William. The latter is second in line to the throne after Prince Charles.

“Diana, when she was Prince Charles’ consort, was also the biological mother of Prince William. This places her higher than blood Princesses Anne and Alexandra… The Queen realized that with new rules whereby the monarch-to-be can be divorced and have a divorced spouse, the order of precedence will have to undergo changes,” she said.

Chris Hawkes, a lifelong citizen of the United Kingdom, said that the move was such a sensible decision because it presaged the movement towards a system of absolute primogeniture in the UK and Commonwealth finally established by the Perth agreement, which came into effect in 2015.

Ginger Bailey, a cat rescuer, said that the Queen’s decision might have been done to show her respect for Princess Diana.

camilla and the queen
Last year, a body language expert claimed Camilla Parker-Bowles appeared ready to be queen based on her body language. The Duchess of Cornwall and Queen Elizabeth II are pictured visiting Barnardo's HQ in Barkingside on Dec. 10, 2013 in London. Chris Radburn - WPA Pool/Getty Images