Queen Elizabeth II, Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle wore different number of poppies during Remembrance Day.

The Queen, Duchess of Cambridge and Duchess of Sussex reunited over the weekend for the annual Remembrance Day service. All of them wore poppies to pay their respect to those who died while serving the armed forces. However, many noticed that the number of poppies they wore were different.

Queen Elizabeth II wore five, Middleton pinned three while Markle only wore one. According to The Sun, the palace never confirmed why the Queen opts for five poppies, but it is widely believed that each poppy represents a service in the war – the Army, Navy, RAF, Civil Defence and women.

In the past, Queen Elizabeth II only wore three poppies. Her decision to add two more and wear five could reflect her position as head of the royal family.

Middleton wore three poppies for the Festival of Remembrance on Saturday night as a mark of respect to the Armed Forces. However, she wore a poppy brooch on Sunday to honor her code-breaker grandmother. The “codebreakers” poppy was released earlier this year to remember those who worked in signal intelligence with a text on the back that read “lest we forget.”

Meanwhile, some netizens thought Prince Harry was not wearing a poppy during Remembrance Sunday. Many online users reacted after noticing that the duke didn’t wear any with some even questioning for an explanation while others asked if they just missed it.

“I realise it’s a personal choice but I couldn’t see Prince Harry wearing a Poppy. Prince Edward had one on his hat but I couldn’t see Harry with one. Did I miss it? Given his military service I am surprised if he didn’t have one on,” one wrote on Twitter.

Prince Harry actually wore a poppy but the royal made a faux pas by placing it on the red outline of his hat. Since the poppy was also red, it was not visible at first glance.