• Royal expert Jonathan Sacerdoti said Queen Elizabeth kept her meeting with Prince Harry's family brief to "maintain her strength"
  • The Queen wanted to conserve her energy to attend more Platinum Jubilee events, according to the journalist
  • The Queen reportedly met Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's kids Lilibet and Archie multiple times when they were in the U.K.

Queen Elizabeth finally met her namesake great-granddaughter Lilibet during the Platinum Jubilee, but she had to keep their meeting short for a reason, according to a royal expert.

Royal correspondent, writer and commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti spoke with Us Weekly about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's visit to the 96-year-old monarch with their children Archie, 3, and Lilibet, 1, during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in the U.K. earlier this month.

Reports previously surfaced that Queen Elizabeth spent less than one hour with the Sussexes when they visited the monarch at Windsor Castle. This sparked rumors that tensions are still high between Prince Harry and his relatives, but Sacerdoti doesn't think that's the case.

"She was working very hard to maintain her strength," Sacerdoti told Us Weekly of the Queen. "I think it’s totally understandable that she was saving her energy as best she could for all the events that she wanted to be at if she possibly could."

The journalist pointed out, "We're talking about someone in their 90s and a baby."

He added that he believes the Queen had to conserve her energy for the four-day festivities commemorating her 70 years on the throne. "We saw that she did manage to appear several times in public, and that’s great," the royal expert said.

Prince Harry and Markle first introduced Lilibet to her great-grandmother when they arrived in London on June 1, Page Six reported. The Sussexes and their children then reportedly spent more time with the Queen at Windsor Castle a day before Lilibet's birthday on June 4.

The Queen did not attend the "Platinum Party at the Palace" concert that day, after also skipping the Service of Thanksgiving on June 3 due to "discomfort."

Prince Harry and Markle also did not make an appearance at the star-studded concert, choosing instead to spend their daughter's birthday as a family.

"Harry and Meghan could’ve gone to the Party at the Palace, but decided to keep a low profile on Lilibet’s birthday and celebrate in private," an anonymous source told Us Weekly. "It was more important for them to be together as a family than attend the concert, especially as the Queen couldn’t make it."

The insider said that getting to see Lili and Archie helped take Queen Elizabeth's mind off having to miss some of her Platinum Jubilee festivities.

"After reluctantly pulling out of Party at the Palace, spending time with her great-grandchildren and seeing Lilibet turn 1 added some light to her day," the source explained. "She thinks they're adorable and gave Lili and Archie gifts."

Queen Elizabeth II will make two appearances on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Thursday
Queen Elizabeth II will make two appearances on the balcony of Buckingham Palace on Thursday POOL via AFP / Andrew Matthews