A photo of Queen Elizabeth sparked concern from royal fans about her health. Queen Elizabeth is pictured with Crown Prince Hussein of Jordan, Queen Raina of Jordan, King Abdullah II of Jordan and Princess Anne, Princess Royal at Buckingham Palace in London on Feb. 28, 2019. Yui Mok/AFP/Getty Images

A recent photo of Queen Elizabeth II has sparked concern from some royal fans after they noticed she was sporting what looked like a severe bruise on one of her hands.

The photo, which featured Queen Elizabeth, her daughter Princess Anne and the Kung Queen and Prince of Jordan as they hosted the family at Buckingham Palace, raised alarms from some fans after they took a closer look at the Queen’s left hand, which sported a large, dark purple bruise.

Fans commented on the photo, noting that the Queen looked as fabulous as ever in the image, but pointing out that her hand led them to feel some concern.

“I love keeping up with Queen Elizabeth II but I'm concerned. Why does she have such a terrible bruise on her left hand. Did I miss something? But as always, she looks stunning!” one wrote.

“Beautiful picture. Best wishes for speedy healing of Her Majesty’s hand (s),” another added.

“What’s the Queen done to her hand and looks like a sore on her leg bless her,” one fan commented.”

“Did the Queen have a fall? What is wrong with her hands? I am concerned for her,” another noted.

While the bruise doesn’t appear to be a genuine cause for concern among the royal family, as the Queen has still been attending functions and appears to be in good health, Express UK notes that the bruise could be a sign of a medical condition called peripheral cyanosis. The condition is caused by low oxygen levels in the red blood cells or making sure that oxygenated blood to the body.

However, that is also pure speculation in regards to the Queen’s health, and the bruise could have even been caused by her simply knocking her hand against something on accident, which, at age 92, would result in a darker bruise than the kind that might affect someone younger.

The Royal Family has not released a statement about the bruise.

This wouldn’t be the first time the Queen’s health has been speculated about, with National Enquirer claiming recently that Her Majesty was suffering from dementia and had even, during a “moment of clarity” tried excommunicating her son, Prince Charles, and installing Prince William and Kate Middleton as the next King and Queen.

That report was proven false.