Ryan Reynolds Chris Hemsworth
Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth joked that their children have caused injuries that allow them to switch roles. Reynolds (left) is pictured on Jan. 15, 2018 in Geneva while Hemsworth is pictured on April 23, 2018 in Hollywood, California. Remy Steiner/Getty Images for Piaget; Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney

Chris Hemsworth plays Asgardian god Thor in the Marvel Cinematic Universe while Ryan Reynolds plays mutant Deadpool in the X-Men universe, but the two are up for switching superheroes. It seems their children have caused some injuries that make them better suited for each other’s roles.

On Saturday, Hemsworth tweeted a photo of himself and his family around his birthday cake, complete with lit candles. He revealed that his playful son didn’t wait for him to blow out the flames before pushing the Australian actor’s face into the baked good.

“Immediately after this shot was taken my son viciously attacked me from behind (due to his ninja training) and slammed my face into the flaming candles, I’ll now be playing Deadpool if [Ryan Reynolds] pulls the pin,” Hemsworth captioned the photo.

Reynolds’ character wears a suit with a full mask to disguise his scarred skin. The Merc with a Mouth underwent some secret experiments to try to cure his terminal cancer. It stopped the cancer and gave him superpowers, but it also disfigured his skin.

Hemsworth’s Thor has also had some facial injuries. In last year’s “Thor: Ragnarok,” he lost an eye during a fight with his sister Hela (Cate Blanchett), the goddess of death.

Reynolds joked that he is ready to play the one-eyed Avenger. “Weird. My daughter JUST stabbed me in the right eye,” the Canadian actor tweeted Saturday night. “(She’s not a ninja, but she IS a bit of a [expletive].) Point is, we can finally trade roles... (Happy Birthday Bubba!)”

Hemsworth turned 35 Saturday, and Reynolds wasn’t the only action hero to wish him a happy birthday. “Skyscraper” star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recorded a video with a special song just for his buddy.

“You’re the greatest Chris, and that’s a fact — after Evans, Pine and Pratt,” he sang.

“If anyone was gonna break the news to me being the least favourite Chris I’m glad it was you @therock and embedded in that message a birthday song brought me joy,” Hemsworth wrote on Instagram. “Also my kids after seeing this said ‘dad are you friends with Jumanji!!! And now possibly think I’m cool. They expect you at each of their birthday parties in the coming years.”