“Lip Sync Battle” fans will notice the show’s network looking a little different on Thursday night. “LSB” will help launch Spike’s rebrand as the Paramount Network.

Viewers won’t have to do much to accommodate this change. Barring any technical difficulties during the switch on Thursday at 9 p.m. EST, Paramount will stay located on the same channel that Spike held, and all Spike apps will automatically update to Paramount apps. So why bother changing the name at all?

Spike was long advertised as a network for young men to watch, but now they want to appeal to women too. Paramount Network president Kevin Kay explained that women have been watching the network for years, but they’re also looking for a wider range of ages to tune in. Paramount Network is presenting itself as a “general interest” network.

Lip Sync Battle Paramount Network
“Lip Sync Battle,” hosted by Chrissy Teigen and LL Cool J, will continue on Paramount Network (formerly known as Spike). Paramount Network

“We don’t want the Spike audience to go away; we want the audience 50-50 male-female. We’re not that far off as we’ve ended Spike. We went with ‘Waco’ first because it’s a big, broad show but feels like it still resonates with Spike viewers and then broadens our audience,” he told the Hollywood Reporter. “‘Heathers’ is a young female show. When we tested it, 35- to 49-year-old men loved it. We want to find and evolve our audience. Each of these [shows] has something special to offer. Hopefully they’ll sample us and stick with the other things.”

Spike’s rebrand as Paramount Network is also meant to make viewers think of Paramount Pictures films. “We’ve done a lot of audience research on what Paramount means to them and what affinities they have to the Paramount brand,” Kay told Decider. “They believe Paramount stands for original productions, great characters, great cinematography, premium content.”

Paramount Network’s original programming will be trying to live up to those expectations. Right now, there are four new TV shows set to premiere on Paramount Network in the next few months:

  • “Waco” is a six-part miniseries about the 1993 standoff between the FBI and the Branch Davidians. “Friday Night Lights” alum Taylor Kitsch stars as religious leader David Koresh. Michael Shannon, John Leguizamo and Melissa Benoist also star. “Waco” premieres Jan. 24 at 10 p.m. EST.
Heathers Paramount Network
“Heathers” will be one of several new programs debuting on Paramount Network (formerly known as Spike) in 2018. Paramount Network
  • “Heathers” is a black comedy based on the 1988 film. Veronica Sawyer (Grace Victoria Cox) has to battle a group of mean girls. Selma Blair, Casey Wilson and original “Heathers” cast member Shannen Doherty guest star. Should the series get a second season, it would become an anthology series, moving to a new high school. “Heathers” premieres March 7 at 10 p.m. EST.
  • “American Woman” is a comedy set in the 1970s during the sexual revolution and the rise of feminism. Alicia Silverstone and Mena Suvari star. “American Woman” premieres June 7 at 10 p.m. EST.
  • “Yellowstone” is a 10-part drama starring Oscar winner Kevin Costner. He plays the owner of the largest contiguous ranch in the U.S., and everyone is threatening his land. Developers, a Native American reservation and America’s first National Park all seem to be attacking him. “Yellowstone” premieres Wednesday, June 20 at 9 p.m. EST.

Don’t worry, longtime favorites are sticking around. The name change will happen as the Michael Jackson episode of “Lip Sync Battle” premieres. In addition to “LSB,” “Ink Master,” “Ink Angels” and “Bar Rescue” are all sticking around as well Bellator MMA. Syndicated shows like “Two and a Half Men,” “Friends” and “Cops” will also remain. Spike’s only scripted show, “The Shannara Chronicles,” was canceled.

Paramount Network launches Thursday, Jan. 18 at 9 p.m. EST.