• Tesla is now one of the best car companies in the world
  • It has overtaken many brands coming from Europe and the U.S
  • The company is setting the trend and offering more than many car companies have not yet

Tesla is currently doing extremely well in the car industry as it trumps long-standing brands and place second in the most valuable car company in the world. The car company has its own way of introducing its cars to the masses and its working well. Why is Tesla enjoying its lead right now?

Cars Like Smartphones

As of now, Tesla cars are upgraded similar to many smartphones out in the market as seen in the Harvard Business Review’s report. Every few months or so, Tesla sends out new updates to the car’s computer operating system which could be downloaded from the internet. These updates often offer new features to the car which was not available before.

Many cars don’t have these free upgrades and any improvements added to it are mostly paid for. In the long run of owning a car, Tesla’s vehicles seem to offer the chance to have something new without the need to buy anything new for the car every time.

Ahead of The Curb

Many car companies competing with Tesla in electric cars are also offering their own spin on the vehicle but doesn’t hold a candle to it. These cars are mostly vehicles fitted with electric engines but doesn’t receive these software updates. These companies will have invest on the technology if they want to compete with Tesla’s vehicles soon.

In With The Trends

Cars are known to be source of the large carbon emissions which is frowned upon worldwide. However, Tesla’s electric engines prevents the massive carbon emissions coming from burning gasoline fuel. Many car manufacturer is already following this but Tesla stacks the lead against them due to the long-term features and affordable price it offers.

As of now, Tesla is only second to Toyota as the most valuable car company in the world. The company’s success could also continue in the future if other companies still fail to catch up and offer something better than Tesla.