Troy Ave
Troy Ave is suing Irving Plaza after he was seen shooting a gun inside the New York City venue. Pictured: Troy Ave performs onstage at Coors Light Soundtrack Refresh on November 17, 2015 in New York City. Getty Images/Bennett Raglin

Troy Ave may have been charged with attempted murder for firing a gun at a T.I. concert, but he’s claiming that others should be blamed instead.

According to PIX 11, the Brooklyn rapper — whose real name is Ronald Collins — is suing Irving Plaza where the show and the shooting took place. Troy Ave’s childhood friend Roland “Banger” McPhatter was killed during the melee, and two others were shot as well. Troy Ave is currently out of jail on $500,000 bond.

Based on a report from DNAInfo, the security guards who worked at Irving Plaza on the night of the shooting allowed some people to enter the club without being checked for a weapon or patted down. Those people were also allowed to enter through a special VIP entrance and seemed to get preferential treatment by not being frisked, which is something Irving Plaza has to be responsible for, said Troy Ave’s lawyer Scott Leemon.

“[If it weren’t] for their actions, Troy never would have been shot,” said Leemon in front of the venue on Monday. “And none of the incidents that took place that night would have happened. He is the victim here. He did not bring a gun into this place, and we are seeking redress for the negligence.”

Shortly after the shooting, the “Major Without a Deal” creator was seen entering the greenroom of the New York City concert hall and firing shots. He was also shot in the leg.

In a freestyle verse the rapper delivered on his latest mixtape “Free Troy Ave,” he said that someone actually pulled the gun on him, but he managed to take it away.

“Locked in the jail but I’m gon’ get free / I wear icy gold chains, can't no brass break me / P---- n---- tried to assassinate me / I took the gun from him and turned the tables ‘round like a G,” he rhymed on the cut “Troy Ave Speaks.”

Leemon spoke out in June and said he was frustrated at the way his client has been portrayed.

“What troubles me most is the misinformation that’s being sent out,” said Scott Lemon in an interview with New York’s Fox 5.

“The NYPD knows Troy didn’t shoot himself. They know Troy didn't’ shoot his bodyguard. That man died a hero, and to imply anything that Troy actually would hurt his lifelong friend is absolutely insane and irresponsible,” he added.

Leemon also said that he and his client need the the public’s help.

“We’re going to ask anyone who was there, anyone who has any information or anyone who knows anyone who was in that VIP room that night,” he stated. “We have set up a special email address. We know some people have problems working and talking to NYPD.”

At this time, there are no reports that state how much Troy Ave is actually suing for.