Melissa McCarthy
“Gilmore Girls” creator Amy Sherman-Palladino revealed why Melissa McCarthy, shown in an April 4, 2016, appearance on “The Tonight Show,” was not asked to appear in the Netflix reboot. Getty Images

Melissa McCarthy may not be starring in the “Gilmore Girls” reboot coming to Netflix, but it’s not because the writers didn’t want her. Creator Amy Sherman-Palladino says it was more or less an issue with scheduling.

The producer told Entertainment Weekly that she and her husband, Daniel Palladino, who serves as a co-producer on the show, were asked about bringing McCarthy on early in the game. At the time, they feared it would be too difficult to pull the “Boss” star away from her busy schedule for 60 days of filming. She added that she was keeping a close eye one McCarthy’s schedule, but said her people repeatedly told her it “can’t happen.” Sherman-Palladino stressed, however, that she — along with others linked to the show — would have liked to have had McCarthy back.

“There’s nothing malicious going on,” she said. “We’d say, ‘Look, we know you didn’t hear a Melissa McCarthy arc in here because we are not naïve enough to think we’re going to be able to grab her for 60 days of shooting.”

McCarthy was asked about the potential of her making a cameo in the show during a sit-down with “The Jess Cagle Interview.” Host Cagle suggested that the actress and the “Gilmore Girls” showrunners were simply trying to fool fans into thinking she wouldn’t be appearing in the show. She laughed off his comments, telling listeners she “would be very surprised” if that were to take place.

Those who are returning to the show have been hard at work filming. Scott Patterson, known for his role as diner owner Luke on “Gilmore Girls,” shared a photo from the set on Saturday. In it he is shown sporting Luke’s signature look — a backward baseball cap and flannel shirt. Patterson appears alongside Sherman-Palladino in the picture, which was taken in front of Luke’s fictional diner.

Rumors began circulating about the potential return of McCarthy after Yanic Truesdale, who played Michel on “Gilmore Girls” until its end in 2007, posted a picture on Instagram with the actress in a New York City restaurant. The actor was quick to dispel rumors when posting the photo on March 7. In his caption he warned followers not to “read anything into it.”


Scotch, great meal and catching up with my old friend @melissamccarthy, can't ask for more! Dont read anything into it guys.

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In February McCarthy was asked about reprising her role as Sookie St. James by a fan on Twitter. In February she tweeted to a curious user that she was not invited to return. She wished her former co-stars “the best,” but said no more.

The Netflix reboot of “Gilmore Girls” will be made up of four 90-minute episodes. Filming is said to have begun in early February, though it remains unclear when the show will be available for streaming.