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  • Angela Riggins Dantzler, 56, was arrested for allegedly killing her husband, Lorenzo Dantzler, 61
  • Lorenzo was found to have suffered from multiple gunshot wounds all over his body
  • Police said Angela shot her husband several times from different positions

A 56-year-old woman from Panama City, Florida was arrested Monday after her husband was found dead in their home with multiple gunshot wounds to his body, police said.

Angela Riggins Dantzler has been accused of killing Lorenzo Dantzler, 61, at their home located along Kings Harbour Road in Kings Point on July 12, WJHG reported.

Investigators described the killing as an act that "was carried out with a depraved mind and without regard for human life," a report by local newspaper The News Herald said.

Law enforcement had conducted a welfare check at the Dantzlers' home on July 14 after Lorenzo's 31-year-old daughter told police she had not heard from her father or stepmother for several days.

While inspecting their house, authorities discovered the victim's body hidden beneath layers of sheets and "the area surrounding the victim was scattered in dryer sheets to mask the odor of a deceased body," police records showed.

Police forced their way into the residence and found a semi-automatic handgun, along with multiple shell casings, a few feet away from Lorenzo's dead body. They also found Angela in an upstairs bedroom with Lorenzo's cell phone and two handguns beside her while searching through the home.

"Mrs. Dantzler had two firearms at her side and she reached for the firearms when the officers confronted her. The officers were able to get her into custody and subdued without a firearm being used," PCPD Lt. Chris Nichol was quoted as saying by The News Herald.

Angela was then transported to a local area hospital, where she received medical treatment that was unrelated to her arrest.

Lorenzo was found to have suffered a close-range gunshot to the left side of his head, police said. Investigators also discovered a number of footprints in the area around his body.

An autopsy completed by the 14th Judicial Circuit Medical Examiner on July 15 determined there were more than five gunshot wounds to Lorenzo's body from at least three different locations and with different caliber firearms.

"After being wounded and lying on the ground, the defendant relocated to another area of the home and fired several more rounds at the victim, striking him again. The evidence shows the defendant continued to relocate to position herself standing over the victim to fire again, striking him in the head," a police report stated.

Evidence pointed to Angela committing an intentional and premeditated murder of her husband alone, police said.

There appeared to have been no indication of forced entry into the home before authorities forced their way in. Additionally, there were also no signs that anyone else was in the home at the time of the crime.

Authorities also learned a text message had been sent from Lorenzo's phone on July 12, which stated that he would not be at work the following days due to a family emergency. Investigators, however, said there had been no family emergency.

The investigation is still ongoing, according to police.

Representation. Angela Riggins Dantzler, 56, allegedly shot her 61-year-old husband, Lorenzo Dantzler, multiple times from different locations. Pixabay