A weekend special of revenge was just what one scorned wife ordered for her husband.

The Daily Mail reports that a woman in Wales asked the staff at the bar Noah’s Yard to change the establishment's sign outside to read, “Paul...I am divorcing you.” The proclamation was visible above the front door of the restaurant for all the patrons, and Paul, to see. The postcript “BTW I am keeping the dog” was later added.

The woman reportedly requested the message be placed on the bar’s sign over the weekend after she came to believe her husband was having an affair.

“I was angry and upset so wanted a sign to go up for everyone to see," she told the South Wales Evening Post, requesting her name be withheld. “When I found out I went through a mixture of emotions but felt angry and wanted him to pay. I had a drink in the bar on Tuesday and decided to get my own back.”

She added that they have been married for several years and that “it is so sad it has to come to this.” According to the woman, she directed her husband to go read the sign at the bar. And he was quite upset upon viewing the personalized message. But many locals believe the wife’s actions were more than appropriate considering the circumstances.

Noah’s Yard is known for changing the words and messages on its sign often. And Paul might not be the last spouse to hear about his divorce through their board, seeing that the bar later changed their sign to inform patrons that they can “Dump Your Spouse Here.”