A slew of leaked Twitter chats, sent over a span of two years, showed WikiLeaks' preference for a Republican president, instead of Hillary Clinton.

The leaked chats illustrated WikiLeaks bias for a Republican candidate, and delved into the organization's political goals, an underlying sense of sexism, misogyny and anti-Semitism, the Intercept, which obtained the messages, reported.

The chats were reportedly exchanged in a direct message group between WikiLeaks and about 10 of its online boosters, between 2015 and 2017. They were leaked by the group’s founder, who goes by the pseudonym “Hazelpress.”

"One of the authors of this article verified the authenticity of the Twitter group messages by logging in using Hazelpress's credentials," the Intercept said.

WikiLeaks The chats were leaked by the group's founder, who goes by the pseudonym “Hazelpress.” Pictured, the logo of WikiLeaks' website. Photo: REUTERS/Toru Hanai

In a 2015 chat, WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange spoke freely about why he preferred a Republican over a Democrat. 

“We believe it would be much better for GOP to win,” he wrote. “Dems+Media+liberals would then form a block to reign in their worst qualities. … With Hillary in charge, GOP will be pushing for her worst qualities. dems+media+neoliberals will be mute. … She’s a bright, well connected, sadistic sociopath."

Since the release of U.S. diplomatic cables cache in 2010 when Hilary Clinton was the secretary of state, they have tried to undermine her stature as a politician with repeated leaks of classified files pertaining to her office. 

The leaked messages also dismissed Donald Trump's campaign adviser and close ally Roger Stone's claim that he had communicated with Assange prior to the release of Democrats’ hacked emails during the 2016 presidential campaign.

In the final months of 2016 election, Stone reiterated claims he had knowledge of the contents of hacked emails, based on his communication with the Assange.

However, in the private message between Assange and an associate, he dismissed the idea saying, “Stone is a bullshitter.”

“Trying to a) imply that he knows anything b) that he contributed to our hard work.”

After the emails were leaked, the Democrats alleged, due to Stone's connection with Assange prior to the disclosure, Trump could also be implicated in the scandal. In light of this allegation, Stone softened his initial stance that he had previously communicated with Assange, pertaining to the release of emails.

“I had no advance knowledge. They don’t tell me who they’re hacking, they don’t tell me who they’re not hacking, and I’m not clearing what they put out. It’s an absurdity, it would be funny if it wasn’t so outrageous,” Stone told the Daily Caller at the time.

Assange has been living in the Ecuador embassy since 2012, after he was accused of many charges during his stint at WikiLeaks, which include leaking several classified documents. Last month, the United Kingdom’s Foreign Office rejected the Ecuadorian government’s request to grant diplomatic immunity to the WikiLeaks founder.