“Big Brother” Season 19 contestant Paul Abrahamian was welcomed by viewers into the house with open arms. But as weeks passed and he started manipulating everyone for his own game, viewers started to dislike him.

After his eviction, Paul acknowledged the fact that he was called a “snake,” “bully,” “villain,” and a “puppet master.” But his controversial stint in the show was well-talked about throughout the past three months.

In an interview with Big Brother Network, “Big Brother” executive producer Allison Grodner was asked if they intend to cast another vet in Season 20 despite the controversies that surrounded Paul in Season 19.

“Everyone has their opinions on this subject and we do take everything into consideration but I think we have had very dramatic, interesting and successful seasons with a mix of newbies and vets. That being said, the verdict is still out on what we will be doing for BB20 so anything could happen,” she said.

At the beginning of the season, viewers were worried that another vet could bring home the $500,000 grand prize just like what happened to Nicole Franzel in Season 18. She was first cast in Season 17, and returned to the CBS reality TV competition a year later and became the winner.

But in a shocking twist, Josh Martinez was the one who won this season after Cody Nickson cast his deciding vote. Other than Josh’s surprising win, Paul also brought home $50,000 and became a runner-up just like what happened to him in Season 19.

Meanwhile, before another season of “Big Brother” begins, fans will first get to see a group of celebrities in “Celebrity Big Brother” this winter. As of late, the casting is already underway for the would-be houseguests. “Big Brother” host Julie Chen told The Hollywood Reporter that some actors and musicians have already expressed their desire to be featured in the show.

“I won’t say names, but maybe more than one member of NSYNC is trying to get in there. I just came from a ‘Big Brother’ meeting and they didn’t give me any names. They just said they’re getting tons of calls from agents and are starting to take meetings,” she said.

The official premiere date for “Celebrity Big Brother” will be announced in the coming weeks.