CT and Johnny Bananas
Will Chris “CT” Tamburello ever return to “The Challenge”? Find out what the MTV vet (left), pictured with rival Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio at the DEWggro Crag in New York on June 16, 2016, had to say. International Business Times

Chris “CT” Tamburello’s absence from “The Challenge” has been notably long, but it doesn’t appear he’s ready to put his reality TV career completely behind him. Before competing at Mountain Dew and the Splat’s DEWggro Crag event in New York on June 16, the “Challenge” champion dished to International Business Times what needs to happen for him to return to the MTV competition show.

CT, who attended the event in support of bringing back Mountain Dew’s Baja Blast for DEWcision 2016, said he would need two things to return to the hit series. “A million dollars and a case of Baja Blast,” the 35-year-old joked to IBT. On a more serious note, CT said agreeing to return isn’t an easy decision for any veteran.

“When you do the challenges in the beginning it is all bright-eyed and bushy-ailed. This is so exciting,” he said. “The longer you do it, it’s like, ‘Nah.’”

While CT, who last appeared on “The Challenge: Battle of the Exes II” in 2015, didn’t reveal any immediate plan to rejoin the program, he did share a comical glimpse into his future. Viewers will be happy to know his plans include continuing his long-standing rivalry with Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio — his DEWggro Crag competitor and longtime “Challenge” co-star.

“Me and Johnny will be that old couple that can’t walk or anything. We’re going to have gum stuck to our noses like whoever pulls away first loses,” CT quipped.

Johnny, 33, compared CT’s vision to the 2013 Sylvester Stallone-Robert De Niro boxing movie “Grudge Match.” “They’re 90 years old, and they’re still fighting each other,” Johnny told IBT. “That’s basically going to be us.”

If another “Challenge” opportunity did come out, CT said he’d want to pair up with Johnny, but he doesn’t think the network would never give them the opportunity to show their stuff.

“Me and Johnny have also talked about settling that score one-to-one in the finals against each other,” CT revealed. “I think we’ve come to the conclusion that out of all the rivals, me and Johnny kind of grew up on TV being rivals, and I don’t think they would put us together. They think it’s, like, unfair or something.”

Johnny said with CT, “one of the greats,” as his teammate, they would most likely earn a one-way ticket to the finale. “It would be like this. [Host] TJ [Lavin] would be like, ‘All right, guys, here’s the game: ‘Rivals 4.’ CT and Bananas, you guys are already in the final. The rest of the guys: You duke it out for the other two spots.’”

CT Tamburello 2016
Chris “CT” Tamburello (left) jokes around with longtime “Challenge” competitor Johnny “Bananas” Devenanzio at DEWggro Crag in New York on June 16, 2016. International Business Times

CT last appeared on “The Challenge” in November 2015 in a cameo role. His appearance was in honor of his late “Challenge” competitor and ex-girlfriend Diem Brown. CT’s last competition, “Exes 2,” filmed in 2014, ended abruptly when he was forced to leave the “Challenge” house after Diem, his teammate, faced a medical emergency. She died of cancer in November 2014.

While “Challenge” fans wait for the possible return of CT, viewers can catch Johnny on “Rivals 3” Wednesdays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.