• "Elden Ring" was announced at E3 2019
  • Details about the game are still scarce
  • Rumors have it that "Elden Ring" might show up at the E3 2021

With the E3 2021 fast approaching, "Elden Ring" fans are optimistic that the game will feature at the most prominent video games convention of the year. However, it looks like this may not happen at all.

GamesBeat journalist Jeff Grubb, who has been hinting at the possibility of the "Elden Ring" being at this year's E3, is now singing a different tune. In the latest episode of "GamesBeat Decides"  podcast, Grubb said the game most likely will not be shown at the E3. While he has clarified that he is not "100%" sure, he believes it is "getting pretty close."

The reporter is quite optimistic, however. He has mentioned that "there is still the small possibility that something will happen. I know Bandai Namco still wants to make something happen." Grubb says the COVID-19 pandemic has caused development constraints and has hurt FromSoftware more than any other gaming studio.

FromSoftware is now focused on trying to develop the game. The gaming studio could not afford to create a new trailer or demo for the E3 2021. 

Grubb believes that FromSoftware, Bandai Namco and Xbox want "Elden Ring" at the E3 2021. But the gaming studio may not be ready for it yet. The GamesBeat reporter has also mentioned that fans should not worry about the game getting canceled. 

The Twitter account of E3 had teased about "Elding Ring" last week, giving some hopes to fans.

But the tweet didn't mention whether the game would feature in the upcoming event or not. It is possible that those in charge of the account are just trying to engage fans about the games that they are highly anticipating.

elden ring A new leaked image reveals the release date of "Elden Ring," as well as, its presence in this year's The Game Wards. Photo: Elden Ring/Bandai Namco/FromSoftware/George R. R. Martin