passage s1 finale
Mark Paul-Gosselaar and Saniyya Sidney star in Fox’s “The Passage.” Erika Doss / Fox

UPDATE: May 10, 12:20 p.m. EDT -- Fox announced on Friday that “The Passage” will not return for Season 2, according to Variety. The show was canceled, along with fellow newcomer, the sitcom “The Cool Kids.”

Original story: Based on Justin Cronin’s novel series of the same name, Fox’s “The Passage” ends Season 1 tonight with an intense two-hour finale.

Showrunner Liz Heldens told TV Insider that there will be many questions still unanswered and a cliffhanger ending. So, does that means fans will get to see more of the Mark-Paul Gosselaar (Brad Wolgast) and Saniyya Sidney (Amy Bellafonte) series in the future in order to get answers? Unfortunately for viewers, Fox has yet to renew “The Passage” for a Season 2. Since it also hasn’t yet been canceled, though, there’s still hope for the show to return with new episodes.

As Heldens explained that the first season covers only the first third of Cronin’s first novel, there’s still so much story left to tell. While a Season 2 hasn’t been confirmed, Heldens is already looking ahead to what might happen if the show does come back. Apparently, she plans on following some aspects of the book, including the 90-year time jump into the future, while changing some others.

Wolgast fans shouldn’t be too concerned about missing him should there be another season because the showrunner fully intends on finding a way to keep him on the show. “I know what the book does; [we’ll] do it a little differently,” she said.

Until Fox makes a decision on the fate of “The Passage,” fans will just have to watch the Season 1 finale tonight at 8 p.m. EST and keep imagining how Heldens would switch things up to keep Wolgast in the story.