A new "Dancing With the Stars" winner is just days from being crowned, and though they aren't clear frontrunners, fans of Frankie Muniz and Witney Carson shouldn't count Team Franney Pack out just yet as the potential new champions.

Frankie and Witney have found themselves all over the leaderboard throughout the competition, but despite the roller coaster of scores, they are still in the finals and have a real chance at winning the Mirrorball trophy. Though the ABC show certainly has other contenders for the winner, it will likely be a close race, as each team has potential pros and cons which can affect their ability to win. Here's all the ways that Frankie and Witney could win, giving her a second Mirrorball trophy to add to her collection.


Frankie Has True Talent

Though his scores haven't always been the best ones throughout the competition, there's been no questioning that Frankie has talent when it comes to his abilities as a dancer. He has expressed some natural ability to move well, even when his height restricts him from always nailing some of the other movements.

Frankie Is The Most Improved Dancer Left In The Competition

Jordan Fisher and Lindsay Stirling have always been front runners throughout the competition, and while Drew Scott has also improved during his time on the show, Frankie is easily the most improved dancer of all. He initially only scored 19 points from the judges in Week one, but by Week 2, already saw major improvement, scoring 25 points on his Latin Night routine, By Week 5, he was one point shy of perfection, before finally achieving a perfect score in Week 7. Though Drew has also improved as the season continued, he has yet to achieve perfection, or even 9s.

Dark Horse Finalists Can Win

Though front runners often have the best odds at winning the Mirrorball in the end, teams with lower average scores have on occasion won the whole competition in the end. Season 24 winner Rashad Jennings had a slightly lower average score than second runner-up Normani Kordei, while Season 20 winner Rumer Willis also had a slightly lower average score than first runner-up Riker Lynch. Though Frankie's average is a few points below Lindsey and Jordan's, it isn't a complete impossibility that he could win.


Frankie Has Low Confidence, And It Shows

Despite proving he can dance, Frankie has also shown himself to have low confidence throughout the competition, something that's been obvious to the judges, as well as the fans, as he has looked uncomfortable during some of the routines. This can hurt him, because when he doesn't appear confident, he not only makes mistakes, but it affects his overall performance.

He's Been In Jeopardy The Most

Of the remaining finalists, Frankie and Witney have been in jeopardy the most throughout the competition, falling close to elimination three times. While it doesn't mean they've been in the bottom two and actually had lower scores than the other teams, it doesn't bode well for them. If their fan base isn't quite as strong as the one the other three have, then they won't win.

His Scores Have Been Lower In Recent Weeks

After achieving perfection during his Week 7 contemporary routine, Frankie has taken a small tumble in his scores. While he is still managing to receive decent marks from the judges, he's only averaged a 26 in his last four dances, which isn't the best number to go into the finals with. In order to win,

Will Frankie and Witney win it all? Tune in to the "Dancing With the Stars" Season 25 finale, airing Monday, Nov. 20 at 8 p.m. EST and Tuesday, Nov. 21 at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.