• Fans are anticipating that the upcoming Jump Festa will be the venue where the announcement of "Dragon Ball Super 2" anime will happen
  • Fans are wondering if "Dragon Ball Super 2" will feature Son Goku become a Grand Priest
  • Will "Dragon Ball Super 2" pick up where the anime movie "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" ended, or will it be based on the current manga?

"Dragon Ball Super" subjected Son Goku to a series of stringent tests in God of Destruction Beerus Saga, Golden Frieza Saga, Universe 6 Saga, "Future" Trunks Saga, and in Universe Survival Saga. The main Saiyan protagonist has progressively reached new levels of strength because of his strenuous training in the world of the gods. With whispers in the community of a possible announcement of "Dragon Ball Super 2" anime, fans are wondering if Son Goku will ever become a Grand Priest in the next anime installment.

Lots of things have happened in "Dragon Ball Super," and fans saw Vegeta and Son Goku reached Super Saiyan Blue and Super Saiyan God. However, in the Tournament of Power, only Goku achieved the Ultra Instinct Omen. This 'godly' power and new transformation could potentially lead the fan-favorite Saiyan to a path of becoming a Grand Priest.

In the promotional anime "Super Dragon Ball Heroes," Goku trained under the tutelage of the Grand Priest himself Daishinkan, learning the complexities of the Ultra Instinct Omen so he could obliterate Hearts. His training will not count on the main continuity, but it is clear that Goku is heading in that path somehow. The "Dragon Ball Super" manga is currently highlighting Goku and Vegeta undergoing intense training to fight the ancient sorcerer and world eater Moro.

Limit Breaker Goku vs Grand Priest
Will Son Goku become a Grand Priest in the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super 2" anime? Phát Hữu/flickr

While Vegeta is learning new techniques from Yardrat, Goku is training under Galactic Patrolman Merus, who seemed to have intricate knowledge of the Ultra Instinct Omen. The Ultra Instinct Omen is one of the most coveted transformations in the "Dragon Ball" world, and even the gods were surprised when they saw that Goku was able to pull it off at the Tournament of Power in "Dragon Ball Super." After years of rigorous training, it is clear that Son Goku is treading down a path that will take him beyond godhood and even makes him the trusted right-hand man of Zeno-Sama, says Comicbook.

There is no official confirmation that "Dragon Ball Super 2" anime is in the works, but if ever it will be shown in the future, the anime will pick up where "Dragon Ball Super: Broly" left, which is different from the current manga. However, if it will be based on "Dragon Ball Super" manga, then there is an excellent chance that it will focus on the Moro Saga, which is, by far, one of the best sagas in the series.

Goku has a never-ending thirst to be strong or to be the strongest, and sooner or later in "Dragon Ball Super 2" anime, he might be offered the Grand Priesthood. But, he will likely turn down the offer because he is Goku, and he will definitely aim to exceed the level of a Grand Priest.