A new “Dancing With the Stars” champion will be crowned in just a couple of days, and after a season that saw them steadily climb their way of the judges’ leaderboard, Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson could see themselves taking the title.

Despite a rocky start, things have looked up for Kel and Witney throughout the season on the ABC series, and now, as they approach the finals, they could see themselves potentially having a chance at claiming the Mirrorball Trophy. While the competition is perhaps one of the tighter ones in recent history, there are plenty of reasons to believe #TeamDanceWitKel is going to take home the title.


They Have Greatly Improved All Season

When it comes to an improvement in scores throughout the season, Kel has had one of the best transformations of the season, going from 5s and a 6 in Week one, to 8s in Week 4, to 9s every week since. He got his first 10 in Week 8 and has since gone on to earn two perfect scores as well. He’s proven himself as a dancer, and that could be rewarded in the finals.

Male Celebs Have Been Winning More Recently

Another big advantage Kel might be able to face in the final comes from the recent trend of winners on the show. The last four champs of the show—Rashad Jennings, Jordan Fisher, Adam Rippon and Bobby Bones—were all male celebs partnered with a female pro. Should the audience still be trending in a direction where they’re more likely to vote for a male celeb to win, then Kel has a huge advantage as the only male celeb left in the competition at this point.


Witney Already Has A Mirrorball

While male celebs have been winning more recently, so have pros who do not yet have a Mirrorball trophy. When the pro partnerships are factored in, while she’s been a great teacher for him, Witney may be the very thing that could keep Kel from a Mirrorball. If fans vote more for a pro that has yet to earn a Mirrorball, then any of the other three teams, all of whom have pros that are not previous Mirrorball champions, could win it instead.

They’ve Been In Jeopardy Before

Though they’ve been safe every week since then, it’s worth noting that back when Kel was still struggling to break out and impress the judges, his time in the competition nearly came to an end. He was in the Bottom Two during Week 3 and was only saved because the judges opted to eliminate Lamar Odom, who was having a harder time with the dances. This likely is no longer an issue Kel and Witney have to worry about since their safety has never been in question since, but considering they are also competing against one other team that has never had this problem at all (Hannah and Alan), it could prove they may not have a win handed to them so easily.

His Average Scores Are Just Below Two Other Teams

Overall, despite his being much better overall and earning perfect scores from the judges when it comes to his average from the judges, Kel is just a hare below two other teams with the judges. Ally Brooke and Sasha Farber are in the lead with an average score of 26.1, and Hannah and Alan are one full point behind with an average of 25.1. Kel and Witney are just below them with a 24.9 average—which, while very close to Hannah and Alan, is still a difference that could widen in the finale depending on how well they perform. If the judges favor Hannah with higher scores, she could edge him out.

The “Dancing With the Stars” Season 28 finale airs Monday, Nov. 25 at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.