Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez Reuters

The Jennifer Lopez , Marc Anthony break-up drama seems never ending. According to reports from US Weekly, Marc Anthony is apparently seething with jealousy seeing Jennifer cope up so well with the break-up.

Jennifer Lopez's recent birthday bash, her rumored closeness with William Levy and with her What to expect when you are expecting co-star Rodrigo Santoro is making Anthony see red.

Even now he apparently isn't done with the blame game and blames Lopez for wreaking havoc with his life while moving on well herself.

Reports from an insider suggest that Anthony's extreme mood swings range from blaming her to even begging her to take him back. And he suspects her with almost every guy she is working with.

According to reports, Santoro and Lopez are getting a little too cozy with each other in between the scenes. Jennifer however denies this saying it is completely false and she is currently single and isn't seeing anyone.

The rumor mills are abuzz linking her with everybody from William Levy to Gabriel Aubry, who himself is stuck with a custody battle over his daughter Nahlia with Halle Berry.

Marc Anthony meanwhile, is frantically calling up Jennifer Lopez, begging her to give him another chance. But Jennifer Lopez has already made up her mind and is going through the divorce proceedings with full speed.

Looks like there is an ugly custody battle ahead with Jennifer Lopez set to claim full custody of her twins.