While people wonder if a man will be Ronda Rousey's next competitor will be a man, she's taking a break from UFC to film a movie. Reuters

Ronda Rousey slaughtered the competition when she took on Cat Zingano in UFC 184. With seemingly no competitors left in her sights, some fans wondered if “Rowdy” would take on a man next. The question has been raised about Rousey fighting bantamweight men. Some watchers say they'd like to see the undefeated champion take on boxing icon Floyd Mayweather.

There's long been buzz about Rousey fighting a man, but the question resurfaced after UFC commentator Joe Rogan said she could probably beat half of UFC’s bantamweight men.

Not everyone is as confident.

UFC flyweight contender Ian McCall disagreed and said he would be able to flip Rousey on her head. When Mayweather was asked about the star athlete last July, he didn’t even know who she was. Former NFL player Jesse Holley, who played with the Dallas Cowboys, said he would be able to take on Rousey. All the 6-foot-3, 215-pound athlete would need is eight weeks to train, he said during a KTVT, Dallas, radio interview, TMZ reported.

Whether Rousey will take on a man as her next competitor doesn’t appear to be on the athlete’s mind. The UFC champ reportedly will receive the only free ticket from Bob Arum, the Top Rank CEO, to see the anticipated Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight May 2 in Las Vegas, the New York Daily News reported. In fact, the fight Saturday was her motivation for beating Zingano. “I gotta go beat Cat Zingano so I can make a couple million dollars and afford that ticket,” she told TMZ.

But before Rousey’s next fight is decided, she will appear in a film. The UFC champion is taking a break from the octagon to appear in the movie "Mile 22" as a CIA operative, USA Today said.

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