Former top Trump officials believe the be will fail to win reelection as he faces off against Democratic nominee Joe Biden. At least 19 former Trump administration officials have distanced themselves from their former boss, according to a Politico report, with many of them “pessimistic” about Trump’s reelection chances.

“Anybody of substance is voting for Biden,” former Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci told Politico. “Anybody who has an IQ of over 100 and has worked for Donald Trump, with the exception of Steve Bannon, is not voting for him.”

Scaramucci said he has talked to at least 20 Trump administration alumni who intend to vote for Biden.

Trump’s handling of the coronavirus could cost him his second term. As of Thursday, at least 180,000 people in the United States have died of the virus, according to Johns Hopkins University.

Some of Trump’s donors in 2016 have also abandoned him. Peter Thiel, a billionaire tech investor, was previously an outspoken Trump supporter but distanced himself from the incumbent due to his handling of COVID-19. The Lincoln Project, an anti-Trump Republican group, has generated a stronger profile in recent months with several video advertisements.

Yet, Trump could still pull off an upset if the economy recovers and voters feel more comfortable about his response to the virus prior to the election. The Republican National Convention could also result in a polling bounce for the president. The last time an incumbent lost was in 1992.

Recent general election polls show Biden with a strong lead over Trump. An Economist/YouGov poll showed Biden leading Trump, 50% to 41%. Betting sites show Biden as the overwhelming favorite.