• The next update could be dubbed Windows 11
  • Several reports say it would be called Windows Sun Valley
  • The next Microsoft OS might come with a macOS-similar interface

As the official launch of the "next-generation" Windows nears, rumors and leaks continue to spread online, hinting at the details Microsoft's next major update would come with.

What to expect

Baidu, a Chinese website, posted a beta version of Microsoft's latest operating system on June 15. Many were quick to notice that the user interface of the upcoming operating system looked similar to the macOS UI.

The update would reportedly bring changes to the Windows start-up menu, file explorer, action center and the Taskbar when it launches on June 24, reported CNET.

Reports also claimed that the Windows 10X OS features will be continued on the next one. It can be recalled that Microsoft canceled the operating system intended for the Surface Neo, a dual-screen computer. However, the software giant clarified that it will build the Windows 10X OS features into other parts of Windows or future releases.

Will it be called Windows 11 or Windows Sun Valley?

Although the name remains speculation until Microsoft officially unveils its next operating system, various sources and leaks suggest that the next major operating system update will be dubbed Windows 11.

A Microsoft Twitter invitation posted on June 3 ignited rumors that the next update would follow the current Windows numerical tag-based names.

Followers claimed that the invite for the June 24 event, featured a logo with a shadow intentionally made to look like number 11, The Verge said in a report.

Many also pointed out that the event would take place at 11 a.m. ET, which is said to be an unusual start time for Windows and Surface events.

It's worth mentioning that the invite came not long after Microsoft CEO Satya Nadela said that the company would launch one of the most significant updates of Windows in the past decade.

Meanwhile, there have been reports claiming that the Windows 10 successor would be called Windows Sun Valley as the company has been rumored to be working on an update codenamed Sun Valley for months now.

Moreover, it can be recalled that when Microsoft unveiled its current operating system in 2015, the giant said Windows 10 would be "the last version of Windows." Considering this, there's a possibility that the next update might not be called Windows 11.

Windows 10
Latest Windows 10 build has a redesigned Action Center featuring the Fluid Design System. REUTERS/Mike Segar