Microsoft Windows 7 pre-orders promotion is soaring high causing several stores to collapse including Microsoft EU e-store.

The Microsoft pre-order e-store site collapsed briefly because of high demands for the new Operating system.

Due to the eagerly anticipated Windows 7 pre-order offer, we're experiencing a higher level of demand on our website than usual. This means you can't access the site right now and we're sorry about that, Microsoft posted on its pre-order store site We'll be back up and running soon as we can please try again soon to get your hands on a copy of windows 7!

Other websites e-store are also experiencing high demands, eBuyer sold out of stock then later restocked.

Amazon UK also admitted that its Windows 7 sales have already outstripped Windows Vista's entire 17 week pre-order total inside the first eight hours.

Microsoft is giving out discounts to whoever wants to pre-order Windows 7 Home Premium E for $70/£49.99 from a usual price of 149.99 or Windows 7 Professional E for $140/££99.99 down from £219.99.

Windows 7 won’t be available to those who pre-orders the copy until the official launch date of the operating system on October 22 this year