• A violent bus brawl on a troubled route was captured on video
  • A woman with a baby was pinned to the seat before being attacked violently
  • The Queensland government and Brisbane city council have been asked to act on the matter

A woman, with a child strapped to her chest, was brutally battered by another woman during a violent brawl on a public bus in Brisbane, Australia.

The horrifying incident was captured in a video, obtained by 9News, and went viral on the internet. In the video, at least two duos can be seen engaged in separate fights. In the front, two women were seen grappling with each other, and in the background, a driver was seen being shoved by a man for attempting to stop him.

The woman carrying a pink backpack was seen consistently throwing punches at another woman clad in a black t-shirt on the seat. Furthermore, a lot of violent hair pulling was recorded in the video.

In the middle of the chaos, the t-shirt-clad woman was heard yelling, "my baby" while she pulled the other woman's hair. On close observation, it was discovered that the woman in black had a white sling strapped to her chest on which she was carrying an infant, who suffered no injuries in the incident. The baby was, however, heard crying loudly amidst the mayhem.

The savagery of the incident left viewers aghast, reported.

"The police need to get off their backsides & deal with this. It shames the whole state of Queensland," a tweet read.

"Hopefully Twitter can find these grubs....Who hits a woman holding a f--ing baby!!New Tourist motto Queensland - beautiful one day - brutal the next..." tweeted another.

According to drivers, there are three dangerous bus routes - the 110, the 330, and the 100 - where occasional violent incidents occur. This incident happened on the 100, outside the Princess Alexandra Hospital, which is the most dangerous line, drivers said.

The Rail, Tram, and Bus Union (RTBU) state secretary said drivers are "afraid to drive the 100 route", adding, "no wonder, trouble flares up there constantly." The Brisbane City Council tried to brush off responsibility when approached by the transport union to act. The state government asserted that bus safety was a responsibility they share with the council.

"The sad fact is Brisbane city council bus drivers are not safe while they are at work," Labor councilor Jared Cassidy remarked while union representative Peter Allen said that drivers are "sick and tired of the violence they are seeing on a daily basis."

The attack against the bus occurred near King David's Tomb in Jerusalem's Old City
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