A video of a woman who brought a microphone on a flight to lecture her fellow passengers onboard about her theories about the origins of the pandemic has gone viral on social media.

The video that featured the unidentified woman's rant about COVID-19 has fetched more than a million views on TikTok since it was posted Sunday. A Tiktoker named Jawny who describes herself as a singer-songwriter posted the video to his account saying, "I bought in-flight wifi just to post this,"  Complex reported.

The video begins with the woman's argument with a flight attendant after she was requested to keep away the microphone. "I brought my microphone. I'm going to use it," the woman says while standing in the aisle when the flight attendant asked her to get back to her seat. 

A flight staff then says she will have to be handcuffed if she does not sit down, to which the woman replies that the passengers are enjoying her show.

"I don't need to be cuffed," she says. "I'm completely harmless. Also, I think you're all enjoying this because, as I said, I'm not terrible to look at," she adds.

The woman then walks down the aisle as she lectures: "The reason the pandemic started is that nobody here has any more faith because you're all stuck to your stupid devices and you don't even know what reality is anymore."

When the staff eventually pulls her away from the aisle and guides her back to the seat, she yells: "My dog has better sense than any of you."



someone come get her

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The video has received several hilarious comments and reactions from viewers who also shared similar experiences they faced with fellow passengers on the flight.

"She thought she was gonna do a TED Talk during the flight" a viewer commented. "Karens in the air, we call them Airens," another viewer said. "Portable mics are about to be banned from carry-on bags," a viewer warned.

Some viewers also expressed their concern about the flight attendants who have a tough time handling such situations. "I feel so so bad for flight attendants right now. I've heard nothing but horror stories lately," a viewer said."Flight attendants need to have access to tranquilizers," another wrote.

aircraft-cabin-ge451afc12_640 representational image Photo: pixabay