A woman has made a chilling discovery beneath her bed while she stayed in a motel room with her grandmother. A video describing how Tiktoker Addison found a secret 'room' right under her bed soon went viral on social media and viewers have been speculating on what it could be.

Addison posted the video captioned "better not be a body under my bed," to her Tiktok account @addisoncassel with a text to speech feature explaining her find. The video has fetched more than 4.6 million views and 319,000 likes since it was posted earlier this week,  Daily Dot reported.

In the video, Addison describes how she noticed a cut out on the floor and decided to check out what it was. Meanwhile, the viewers can see a carpeted floor with a cut that runs through the floor. "I and my grandmother got it open and there were two layers covering it," the voice says.

As soon as Addison removes the carpet and a wooden layer, viewers can see underneath a small dark space, which looks like a room. "There is a room under my room. It is a one-story motel," she reminds the viewers.


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Many viewers came up with their own explanations of what the space could be. When some people suggested that it could be a boiler room, a bomb shelter, or a crawl space, some gave even more chilling explanations based on spooky movies they have watched.

 "I watched a movie once about a psycho motel owner that had underground tunnels to each room and he'd butcher them in sleep," a viewer commented. 

Another said "I saw this interview about a couple who had been sleeping on a bed in a hotel with two dead bodies under it. They had just started to smell," another viewer commented.

“It’s a tunnel for human trafficking or to hide people,” another said.

After many viewers requested follow-up clips for her short viral video, Addison posted a video explaining how she made the discovery. In that video, she agreed that it could be probably a crawl area, “but there were no pipes or electrical down there,” she said. She also posted another follow-up clip showing deeper into the room.