Charles Manson is perhaps among the most notorious convicted mass murderers in modern American history, but a former member of his Manson Family cult revealed that she found Manson “attractive” and “loving” upon meeting him as a teen. According to the woman, she began sleeping with Manson at age 14.

Dianne Lake, 64, told “Good Morning America” co-anchor Amy Robach in a new interview airing Tuesday that she engaged in sex with Manson “within a few hours” of meeting the cult leader.

“It seemed very natural and loving, and it was kind of like a game,” Lake said, later noting their nearly 20-year age difference. She described the interaction as beginning with their hands touching and then leading into “more intimate things.”

Asked whether she was attracted to Manson, Lake described him as “cute” and “impish,” adding that he was “small statured.”

“He made you feel like you were his one and only love, you know?” she said. “And yes, there were other girls, but we all shared him. He made you feel really special, and specially loved.”

Lake discusses their relationship in her forthcoming memoir “Member of the Family,” which is due out Tuesday from HarperCollins.

“[A]s I found out, I needed love,” Lake said, according to ABC News. “I needed that—love and attention and affection. And he gave it to me.”

Manson, 82, is serving a life sentence at the Corcoran State Prison in California for his involvement in the murders of several people who were killed by members of his cult. Among those killed in the slayings was actress Sharon Tate, who was married to director Roman Polanski and was pregnant at the time of her murder.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Manson will be 92 at the time of his next parole hearing, which is slated for 2027.

Charles Manson Charles Manson in August 2014. Photo: Wikimedia Commons