Detention Center
A detention center for captured undocumented immigrants stands near-empty at a U.S. Border Patrol station on March 13, 2017, in Rio Grande City, Texas. Getty

According to an immigrant rights group, an incarcerated immigrant woman, Laura Monterrosa-Flores, who was allegedly sexually harassed and assaulted by a guard in a Texas detention center, was put into solitary confinement last week when she refused to recant her complaint.

Immigrant rights activists protested outside the Hutto detention center in Texas this week in support of a woman held in solitary confinement to pressurize her into withdrawing a sexual harassment complaint against a detention guard.

About 50 people gathered outside the privately-run detention center to protest the actions of the staff. The group alleged the staff acted out of spite towards Monterrosa-Flores whose allegations of sexual harassment is now part of an FBI investigation, the Guardian reported.

Monterrosa-Flores, who fled El-Salvador to escape physical and sexual abuse by her relatives, was detained at the center for eight months and is waiting to appeal her denial for asylum claim.

Monterrosa-Flores said she was subjected to psychological intimidation through solitary confinement from the staff in the detention center who also withheld her medical treatment. Monterrosa-Flores, who suffers from severe stomach pains, was kept away from other detainees for 60 hours last week.

ICE denied the allegations in a statement and said they were made aware of the medical situation concerning the detainee on Feb. 9.

In a statement, ICE said: “On 9 February, ICE received information that Laura Monterrosa-Flores was taken to the ICE T Don Hutto residential centre medical unit for evaluation after staff became aware of a self-reported medical situation. Monterrosa-Flores was kept in medical for close observation."

“On Monday she was returned to the general population. During the time she was in medical observation, Monterrosa-Flores was in communication with her attorney. In addition, ICE offered to transfer Monterrosa-Flores to another facility but she declined the offer,” the statement said.

Monterrosa-Flores, who reportedly tried to commit suicide in January, said in a statement that she fears for her safety at the detention center.

“I feel very desperate because I tried to report the abuse from ICE and facility officials, but they continue to psychologically abuse me through intimidation. I do not feel safe or secure. I am not receiving the medical treatment or help I need.”

According to the Guardian, two more women have come forward with sexual harassment allegations against the guards at the detention center.

ICE said they are committed to providing a safe environment to the women detained in their centers. However, recent claims against them shine a very different light on the treatment of immigrant women held in the detention center.

This incident comes in the wake of the events which revealed that four teenagers who were under the supervision of the Office of Refugee Resettlement led by Scott Lloyd in October, were prevented from terminating their pregnancy by the administration by blocking their access to abortion. The legal documents were disclosed by the lawyers of American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU).