• The man had rented out a room to the woman, and they began sharing the apartment
  • She confronted him after he was released from jail and filmed him running away from her
  • The distraught woman hopes her story will be a warning to others

A man in Texas was arrested and charged after his roommate found out he was spying on her using a camera hidden in the bathroom of their apartment.

The victim, 23, who preferred to remain anonymous, had rented a room from Saman Shams, 39, in an apartment on Schumacher Lane in Houston. She said she has no idea how long Shams had been watching her with the camera he secretly installed in her bathroom.

The Houston police believe Shams also placed a GPS tracking device on the woman’s car without her knowledge, according to ABC13 Eyewitness News.

“I'm still freaking out. I don't know how long he's been watching me," the woman said. “I'm really anxious and disgusted.”

Court documents said the woman discovered the camera last week while taking a shower. She thought it was a charger at first. After giving the device a closer look, she opened it up and found a SIM card inside. She was soon shocked to find pictures and videos of herself recorded on the device.

"I took it over here and put it in a reader and saw pictures and videos of myself," she said. "It's weird and it's creepy."

Court records also mentioned Shams unlawfully had a tracking device installed in the victim’s vehicle.

Shams was arrested and charged with invasive visual recording, a felony, and unlawful installation of a tracking device, a misdemeanor. He was released from jail on a personal bond.

The victim confronted her former roommate after he was released from jail. The accused was caught on camera running away from her as she tried talking to him, according to USTimeToday.

The entire ordeal has left the woman shaken, and she hopes her story will be a warning to others to be more vigilant about who they are living with.

"For other girls and people to just be careful. You don't know. No matter how nice they are, how much you think you trust them, it doesn't matter," she said.

woman-g17044b06b_1920 Representational Image Photo: Credit: Pixabay