• The robber followed Miguel Archilla on his way home
  • The robber shot Archilla after the victim had refused to let go of his bag
  • Archilla called out to his grandmother Bernanda Soto for help
  • The robber escaped when Soto shouted that she would call the police

A woman heard her own grandson's desperate cry for help after he had been shot by a robber right outside her Queens apartment Wednesday.

"Grandma, please throw me some money. This man is killing me," Miguel Archilla called out as per the NY Daily News. He lay in a puddle of his own blood with the armed robber looming over him.

His 85-year-old grandmother, Bernanda Soto, was watching TV in her Woodside Houses apartment in Queens before midnight when she heard shots and her grandson's voice. When she looked out the window, she saw that her grandson was bleeding on the ground and an armed man was standing over him.

However, instead of throwing down money, she decided to shout that she would call the police. This prompted the robber to run away, carrying Archilla's cell phone and $7.

Archilla is now in stable condition at the Elmhurst Hospital, thanks to paramedics who quickly responded to the scene. No one has been arrested in relation to the incident thus far.

Archilla just finished doing an errand for his grandmother when the shooting took place.

Soto sent him to the store to buy milk for her, but a man saw Archilla coming back home and followed him. The man told Archilla to give him the bag he was carrying or else he'd shoot him. However, Archilla didn't oblige so the robber shot him.

Soto claimed that she is filled with fear whenever she thinks of the safety of her family. She doesn't feel safe outside, which is why Archilla would go outside in her place. She told the NY Daily News that old women are in danger whenever they want to go to the bank since robbers would attempt to kill them over a cellphone.

In an interview with the NY Daily News, Evelyn Moran, Archilla's mother, said she wants the robber off the street. She claims that there are cameras around the building, so the robber will be found eventually. Moran hopes that the robber will "rot in jail."

Gun shooting bullets
A representational image of a handgun and bullets. Wikimedia Commons