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A Pennsylvania woman, who was on trial for fatally shooting her boyfriend, blamed an apocalyptic alien cult for the crime. Barbara Rogers, 42, claimed members of the Sherry Shriner cult turned against her and her late partner Stephen Mineo.

Rogers, 44, shot and killed Mineo in their Coolbaugh Township apartment in Tobyhanna back in July 2017. She was facing a criminal homicide charge in the death of the 32-year-old.

According to local media reports, Rogers' defense team told the court Monday that she and her lover were both members of “an online cult centered on aliens and the end of the world.” The defense added that “the cult turned against” the couple.

Rogers claimed her boyfriend was so distraught by the cult that he asked her to shoot him and put a gun in her hands and manipulated her to pull the trigger.

Local media WNEP obtained the 911 call recording from the night of the incident in which Rogers was heard yelling: "My boyfriend had a gun. He told me to hold it here and press the trigger. Oh my God, he’s dead!"

However, detectives told WBRE in 2017 that “Rogers gave conflicting stories but ultimately admitted to killing Mineo.”

According to the police affidavit cited by the Associated Press in 2017, Rogers said her boyfriend believed the cult's leader to be a “reptilian” pretending to be a human.

Cult leader Sherry Shriner said the group tried to warn Mineo that Rogers “was dangerous and he was just blinded by her," according to the Herald Sun. “Cult members were convinced Rogers was a witch or a reptile who wanted to kill Mineo," Shriner added.

In a 2017 social media post, Shriner wrote, according to the Daily Mail: "I warned (Stephen) she was a Super Soldier who would kill him and move on... but I'm the 'false prophet'... Perhaps he finally figured her out..but it was too late for him. It wasn't the 'online cult" that killed him... they always try and paint me as a cult...nice try libtards'."

Shriner frequently wrote about "fake news", "libtards," and the Democratic Party.

In another post Sunday night, Shriner wrote: "They're trying to spin it that I'm responsible for Steve's death? No, Barb is. I tried to protect Steve. I tried to warn him about Barbara Rogers and he wouldn't listen to me... He thought I was insulting his 'wife'...when I was just trying to protect him from her! I knew what she was! They want to call me a cult leader? No. I'm just a humble servant and Messenger of the Most High. I've spent my life serving HIM and for that, I get beat up by Cain's kids, libtards, witches, Satanists, and haters everywhere."