Even before “Wonder Woman” is released, director Patty Jenkins and executive producer Geoff Johns, who is also the chief creative officer at DC Comics, is already showering the film and its titular character, played by Gal Gadot, with praises.

Johns even went as far as saying that Wonder Woman “is the best fighter in the DC universe,” and it’s all because of the love inside her heart.

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“She’s not the only character who has a strong moral compass and a belief system, of course, but what I like about her is that that is her mission,” Jenkins explained to the L.A. Times. “Her mission is a belief of mankind and what they can be. I feel like there are a lot of superheroes who are chosen or find themselves in these positions. She’s one of the very few who believes in goodness and kindness and justice and love, who comes to our world hoping to instill that in other people, but is willing to use force if that’s what she must do, to keep mankind safe.”

Earlier, Jenkins told io9 that “Wonder Woman” is going to be a classic film that people would associate with the likes of “Casablanca” and “Indiana Jones.”

“It’s a classic film. We’re making a classic film. We care about humor. We care about epic. We care about [heroism]. We care about arc and story. Make it elegant. Go for it. Don’t hold back,” she said.

After “Wonder Woman,” DC will be busy with the “Justice League” film, which will bring together Superman, Batman (Ben Affleck), Wonder Woman, Aquaman (Jason Momoa), Cyborg (Ray Fisher) and the Flash (Ezra Miller). In the first official trailer for the upcoming movie, Batman and Wonder Woman will be busy assembling the group to fight something catastrophic.

“We have to be ready,” said Batman. “You, me, the others. There’s an attack coming. From far away.”