Derek Hough
Derek Hough will act as judge in NBC's “World of Dance.” Pictured: Derek Hough at the NBC Universal Television Critics Association press tour in Beverly Hills, California on Aug. 2, 2016. Reuters/Phil McCarten

“Dancing With the Stars” pro Derek Hough will serve as a judge in the upcoming NBC reality TV competition, “World of Dance.”

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hough shared how he became involved with the project that Jennifer Lopez is producing. He also dished on what he thinks makes “World of Dance” different from the other dance competitions on television. Hough was tapped to take part in the show because of his dance expertise.

“What makes this dance show different from the rest is that it’s global. We’re having acts from all over the world come and perform, and there’s going to be groups, there’s going to be soloists, there’s going to be duets and trios, but also, every form of dance you can possibly think of. Probably the biggest difference is that there’s an actual prize,” he said. The winner of “World of Dance” Season 1 will be bringing home $1 million.

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Meanwhile, Hough also shared details about how the competition will go about from its first week down to the finale. According to the professional dancer, the acts will showcase their talents by performing a routine that they prepared. But somewhere in the middle of the competition, they will be mentored by other professionals.

Hough added that he and his fellow judges, namely, Lopez and Ne-Yo, have had arguments about who they think should advance to the next round. “We’re going to have different opinions, and we’re going to have conflicting ideas. I think because we’re so passionate about it, we’re so invested. And we love dance. We’re all such fans of dance, and we want to make this the best we can possibly make it,” he said.

“World of Dance” Season 1 will premiere on NBC on May 8 at 10 p.m. EST.